About us

Our Name


 Alberta Central Railway Museum is named after a historic railway which originally served Central Alberta from a point near Red Deer (Forth) to a point just beyond Rocky Mountain House (Ullin). Completed in 1913, it was operated by Canadian Pacific Railway until 1981.  

Our Goal


 Alberta Central Railway Museum is a public museum dedicated to preserving, conserving and interpreting Canadian Pacific Railway artifacts and history prior to 1965. 

Our Station


 The Alberta Central Railway Museum station was built on site to be a museum and is a scaled-down version of the 1907 Wetaskiwin CPR depot. Here you can wait for the train in a typical country station with waiting room, baggage room and telegraph office. You can hear the operating telegraph and try it for yourself. You will see how the station semaphore was used to control train movements. Along with many items which show how stations served passengers and business customers. 

Our Rolling Stock


 Alberta Central Railway Museum has a collection of Canadian Pacific rolling stock and maintenance of way tools and track motor cars.Included in the collection are early heavy weight cars from the passenger era, as well as freight equipment, cabooses, freight cars and a snowplow. Our 1959 RS23 locomotive ex-CP 8015 used as motive power on our passenger service is the only Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) Alco design lightweight locomotive preserved in Canada. It came to Alberta Central after carrying grain and freight on prairie branch lines.  

Our Elevator


In 2002, ACRM added the second oldest standing grain elevator in Alberta to the collection. This elevator, built by Alberta Grain Company in 1906, will show our visitors how railways and elevators worked together to serve agriculture in Western Canada.  

Our Exhibits


Our exhibit car houses more of the railway story. Here you can view artifacts that tell about railway work and workers. An HO-scale layout of the 1930s Wetaskiwin railway yard shows you how railway was central to our prairie towns.