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Visit Alberta Central and...
1. Take a train ride. Experience the pleasure of travel of a by-gone era.
Be sure to give us a call at 780-352-2257 to be sure the train is operating on any given day.
2. Take in our Special Events. Come for one of our pancake breakfasts or visit us on Railway Day when the serving of "beaver tails" is limitless and rides go on throughout the day.
3. Take a tour of our exhibition car and see railroading before 1965
This season we offer you a taste adventure with "Teas of the World."
4. Visit our gift shop, a very special train store with something for everyone.
Alberta Central Railway Museum, located just outside Wetaskiwin, Alberta, is the perfect place for a real railway experience.

When Alberta Central Railway Museum pounded the last spike at its 10th birthday celebration in 2002, it completed a mile loop of track. Our visitors today can take a train ride on the restored 1926 first-class observation-buffetsleeper Mount Avalanche.

Here, in a vintage 1926 passenger coach, you will experience historic train travel, maybe for the first time, maybe as a way to bring back the sounds and motion of train wheels on steel track from days gone by.

Alberta Central Railway Museum through its rail yard and exhibits, tells you the story of the work of railroaders, the story of train travel in Canada, the impact of Canadian Pacific Railway on settlement, and the importance of railway to Western Canada into the age when steam was retired.

Alberta Central Railway Museum
Phone: (780) 352-2257
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

Updated for 2018 Season
New hours of operation for 2018 - Friday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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